About Rawhiti Pork

Our farm was founded back in 2016 by a group of local families with a simple, uniquely New Zealand philosophy; combining the gifts of mother nature, with a relaxed environment, to create the freshest produce in the world.

Set on a block of rolling hill-country within Rawhiti Environmental Park, near the headwaters of the Patuwhao Stream, the site for our farm was identified for its ability to supply pigs with clean air and the freshest water in New Zealand.

The unique location also meant the farm could be designed to give the most benefit possible to the livestock; clean housing, lots of space, fresh water, low stress levels, and excellent biosecurity.

This land would become the home of Rawhiti Pork, and after being certified New Zealand's highest welfare pig farm under the national PigCare program in 2019, there's now no looking back!

Going forward, we are determined to look after the land that has given us so much. Our new community waste recycling program helps to protect the soil and the waterways from man-made pollution, while our on-site bio-gas plant prevents greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere.

This ensures that our pork is produced with the smallest environmental footprint possible, now and in future.

To find out more about our story or general enquiries regarding the farm, contact us here.