Fresh air. Clean water.
24 hours a day.

Traceable New Zealand Pork from the Kaimai Ranges

Where mountain spring water flows from volcanic soils

Our farm was founded back in 2016 by a group of local families with a simple, uniquely 'New Zealand' philosophy; combining the gifts of mother nature, with a relaxed environment, to create the freshest produce in the world.

Set on a block of rolling hill-country within Rawhiti Environmental Park, near the headwaters of the Patuwhao Stream, the site for our farm was identified for its ability to supply pigs with clean air and fresh water, the freshest in New Zealand.

Highest Welfare in New Zealand

Rawhiti Pork is certified New Zealand's highest welfare pork by QCONZ, as part of the national PigCare program.

Earning a high PigCare score means a farm meets the strictest standards of animal health and welfare, hygiene and cleanliness, has excellent facilities, knowledgable staff, sound farming systems, and is leading the national pork industry forward with new innovations and Intellectual Property.

Our Trotters Tread Lightly...

Ongoing projects ensure we farm in close accordance with Kaitiakitanga, the Maori concept of environmental stewardship. Our list of projects for 2020 includes:

Fresh Water Improvement

We are working with innovative engineering specialists to develop systems that remove Nitrogen and other elements from our wastewater. This neutralizes our impact on local rivers, so they may remain healthy for future generations.

Green Electricity

With the help of NIWA, we are developing a biogas plant to process pig manure and make electricity; enough to power the whole farm, with the excess supply available for the national grid.

Community Recycling

Partnering with organic waste producers, we're able to take in their refuse streams to produce biogas. Plastic packaging from this process is collected and recycled, to ensure our pork is produced in the most sustainable way possible.

To learn more or to discuss our other on-farm initiatives, contact us using the form below, or call +64 21404079

Find out what others think of Rawhiti Pork Ltd

"A developing facility with excellent design, management and animal welfare. This will be a showpiece for the pork industry when construction is completed. Congratulations to the owners, Graham, and staff." 

- Greg Braggins
Lead Food Safety Auditor,
QCONZ Hamilton

"Our students and staff have been impressed with the forward thinking and commitment of Rawhiti as a business to support New Zealand's environmental targets by taking positive action."

- Peter Hampton
Director of Agribusiness,
The Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Science & Business
St Pauls Collegiate School,
Hamilton, NZ

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